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jaefortheyun's Journal

Hello there! :) This is just a bit about myself and my interests. Sounds dreadfully dull, I know ;)

First of all, I'm relatively new to LJ, so I'm still figuring out how everything works. Coding simply boggles my mind, so I prefer to stick to the simple basics. Technology and cooking are the two skills that I always just take a chance with.

Anyways, I'm Canadian-Chinese, and my biggest loves in life (or call them passions ^^) are DBSK, Art, and...I suppose reading. Everything I like ties in together though. E.g, I like drawing fan art of DBSK, reading art books, reading DBSK fics...I have a LOT more stuff I enjoy, and guiltily indulge in, but I'd be stuck typing for hours if I tried to list them all...xD I am learning Korean in my spare time, although my family tells me I should be learning chinese instead -.- [hangul is MUCH easier than learning thousands of chinese characters] I personally think I'm attracted to anything that has beauty...hence my interest in the arts, music, dance, literature...I find them all possible of immense beauty. Er...I think I'll stick my rambles and rants into future (maybe) journal entries. :]

Reading is one of my more "consistent" past times. By that, I mean my interests and hobbies tend to jump around. My favourite series of all time would have to be Harry Potter. It's just amazing, the way you can get completely submerged in the story. Sometimes I wish magic were real, only to realize the constant serious(sirius! Lol I'll stop) injuries,(ahem, Quidditch, potion spills, hexes) and the threat of Dark Lords would make life not so fun. I think I'd still love to experience it for a bit though...xD

If art, fangirling, and a office job doesn't work out, I would love to be a languages person. Not a translator exactly, but someone that knows a variety of languages, a teacher perhaps. Languages I would like to learn, in desired mastery descending order (the first being the most fluent, the last being rudimentary): English, Mandarin, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and an East Asian language. Maybe Tamil, as I frequently go to my Tamil friend's house, and have thus already learned some words that her family yells at each other. xD

~Well, that's all for now. I'll probably edit, and add more later on.

Nice to meet you! ^^V


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